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The colour question

Posted by BG on October 17, 2010

Before I embark on a discourse on colours, I want all of you to answer a couple of questions. What do you call the two colours whose different variations you can see in the following two images?

Image 1

Image 2

If your answer was Pink to Image 1 and Brown to Image 2, then you are with me. If your answer was anything else, please stop reading right now, because you just don’t qualify to participate in the ensuing discussion on colours. 😛

And now for the final and most important question.

Image 3

What is the colour of the building in the background?

If your answer is anything other than Brown, I will have to kindly request you to leave this blog once again. Please get your eyes checked. 😛

And now to the main point of discussion of this blog post. Image 3 is a snap of a building on the streets of Jaipur, where I was on a visit a few weeks back. In fact, all buildings in a certain section of Jaipur are required, by the law of the land, to be painted in the same colour. Yes, Jaipur, the Pink City. Now I guess you have got the drift of the post. If you haven’t, please get your brain checked. 😛

So, why is Jaipur called the Pink City when the colour of its buildings is anything but that. Have a look at a few more snaps from Jaipur that I manged to get on my visit.


History says that Jaipur was painted ‘Pink’ in preparation of a visit to the city by a British royalty who favoured that particular shade in the colour palette. But then what went so horribly wrong? I can only think of the following possible explanations:

1. The British Royalty in question was colour blind and actually liked the brown colour which he thought was pink.

2. The painters commissioned to paint the buildings were colour blind and fumbled up.

3. I am colour blind (which means everything is actually alright and this post is irrelevant). But then I have already asked all people who didn’t concur with me to quit reading this post, haven’t I? 😉

4. Any unfortunate combination of the above three.

What do you guys think? 😛


4 Responses to “The colour question”

  1. Justine Jose said

    Have u noticed that most f the shutters are painted pink, well that might not b the exact answer to ur question but still somethins pink thr.

  2. Binny V A said

    Possible explanation 5. Marketing. Calling a city the ‘Pink City’ is way better than calling it the ‘Brown city’.

  3. BG said

    @Justin: Good observation. How come I missed that?

  4. BG said

    @Binny: Are you trying to tell me that there were people who had done their MBAs two centuries back?!!! Or is the ‘Pink City’ a very recent invention?

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